my name is Norma:

I was born on 19.12.1947 in the village Hoensbroek, by Heerlen, in the Netherlands and then at the age of seven, emigrated with my family to England. There I studied at Junior and Senior School for my O`level exams and then proceeded to study for my Diploma in fine art at Art College. I was aware however, that I couldn`t live from art alone and continued my education for my A`level exams, after which I started employment as a civil servant in the Finance Department of the local government authority.
After my marriage, I returned to the Netherlands to live, but the circumstances of my husband's employment necessitated us building up a new home, here in Germany.

Besides my family and a variety of interests, my main hobby is art and the endless experimantation with colours amd materials. Over the years I`ve concentrated mainly on paintings, but after discovering the pleasure of painting and creating scenes and portraits on various egg shells (Ostrich, Nandu, Emu goose and Duck) I see no end for this hobby on the horizon.
Because of my work, I`ve been invited to exhibit at various exhibitions, here and abroad. An example of some of my works can be seen in my home page.
I hope the variety offered will awake your interest and curiosity to want to see more.

Sincerely, Norma.